Ways Of Shopping

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An activity in which a person searches for their desired goods and services offered by different shops or a group of shops, also known as a marketplace is called shopping. Nowadays, shopping has evolved a lot because if we wanted to shop for something, we had to travel to the market, which was a very time-consuming process. Still, nowadays, consumers can purchase anything does, don’t matter which part of the world they are in. Consumers can buy only sitting in our living room or anywhere by using our mobiles or laptop. This process is known as online shopping. Online shopping has become popular recently mainly because it is convenient and easy for people. One of the most exciting facts about online shopping is that we can shop during holidays too.


Back in the time, when there was no use of currency notes and coins. Shopping was done with the help of the ‘Barter system’  In earlier times, people used to Exchange Services and goods in return for other services for goods. In 770 B.C. ‘Money’ was introduced, which made a revolutionary change in the world. Day by day, when the purchasing power of people increased, people started to shop more.

Online Shopping

Importance of Shopping:

  • Shopping is not a way of being materialistic and entertainment. It is actually related to the physical and mental health also.
  • It helps to lift our mood, boost the immunity, eliminates stress and anxiety, even responsible for fulfilment of social needs of a man.

Different ways of shopping-

1: Offline shopping-Offline shopping, as the name suggests, refers to shopping not operated online; instead, the consumer can themself visits the store and purchase the goods from the shop. It is a traditional way of shopping.

2: Online shopping-Online shopping refers to the type of shopping which is wholly operated online. It is a process in which the consumers directly buy goods and services from the seller themselves. Online shopping also offers different types of payment options.

From the above article, it is concluded that shopping plays a significant role in our life. Although the use of online shopping has made the consumers more educated and well informed about the products, it also helped them do shopping easily without spending much time and doing a lot of bargains. Online shopping not only benefited the customers but also helped many small retailers and shop owners to sell their products quickly and not have to spend much high cost on land and stores. Therefore It has benefited both the consumers and the sellers equally.

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